The AgriUnity Group Cannabis Vertical Integration Model
includes farmers in entire process from research to retail


1. Research & Development

Our team performs activities dedicated to develop and improve methods for cannabis in all facets


2. Cultivation

It is here where the land is prepared for the crops which will transform from a cannabis seed or clone to a full plant


3. Harvest

After the cannabis plant has matured we gather the crop to prepare for the next phase

drying indoors

4. Drying

We dry the product in a controlled environment to endure the best quality for the cannabis buds

5. Processing & Logistics

Extraction process underway!

6. Branding & Marketing

A strategic approach to connect your customers to your products

7. Retail & Sales

From seed to sale, we meet consumer demand to place your product in retail, which ultimately results in sales (I added two commas, I think both are needed but for sure the first one.

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AgriUnity Leadership

Doug Deveaux


Handy Kennedy Jr

Founder and COO

Ricquel Smith

Relationship and Outreach Coordinator

Millie Coleman

IT Specialist

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